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    All in One POS System

    Try our easy-to-use POS System designed to fit your needs and provide your team with a fast workflow – from receiving orders and managing payments to daily sales reports. Everything you need to make the business so much better and to enhance your customer experience


    InSoft POS is designed for easy use.
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    With the InSoft POS System, you can create monthly or daily reports of various kinds (sales – products – taxes … etc.) easily and print them

    Optimize your time

    Insoft’s highly customizable POS interface will help you focus on your work and help you get the most tasks done in the least amount of time thanks to its many features.

    Why Is POS System Useful?

    Using the POS system can have a positive effect on your business.
    It allows you to have better control over your business operations. With a Point of sale system, you know exactly which products you have sold on a daily or monthly basis, how many products are in the warehouse, or how much money you have made.
    It allows doing better analytical thinking and planning.
    For example, a Point of sale system makes it easier to keep track of your inventory, to notice and analyze movements and tendencies in sales processes, to analyze your sales reports and other data in order to predict more precisely future trends and your company’s requirements.
    It allows you to increase your business efficiency.
    POS system makes the managing of your company’s paperwork more time-saving. Managing bills and orders, sales figures, or reports is made very convenient. Besides the office environment Point of sale system also increases the efficiency of the everyday sales environment thanks to different POS features such as barcode scanners or credit card terminals.
    It allows you to make personal client communication more efficient.
    A Point of sale system makes it very easy to gather the contact details of your best clients at the same time they complete their purchases. This information is valuable for generating personal offers and developing personal client communication. Thereby with a POS system, you can save money and boost your profits and in addition, the POS system helps you to make more informed business decisions.