About Us

All In One POS

InSoftOnline POS System allows you to make sale or purchase bills and control the cash box easily and quickly

Why to Choose Us?

User-friendly interface

With its modern design, even non-tech savvy users can easily adapt to the system and learn from basic training.

Receipt customization

Completely customize your receipts and select what info you want to see on it

Compatible with any device

You can use the system on any device, whether it’s iPad and Android tablets or Windows, Linux, and macOS desktops.

Affordable pricing

It offers one of the most affordable subscription plans for POS systems. As for the basic equipment setup.

Works with any business type and size

While it specializes in retail, it also caters to other industries, such as food and beverage, bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, professional services.

Consistent updates

The platform is regularly updated to resolve previous bugs and introduce new features.


The system also supports linking accessories to the point of sale to facilitate the sale process

Restaurant/Cafe POS

Food and drink businesses have very specific needs that the InSoftOnline POS System application can help you to fulfill.
InSoftOnine Restaurant Management system encompasses with a simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface with Table and Floor management facility, Product/Menu management options, fast billing. making it the best POS system for restaurant
It’s also allows you to take the most appropriate decisions on menu items, food combinations, sales targets and so on

Store Managment

Prepare and organize all of your products into different categories for easy navigation. Smart inventory management tools track your inventory and help you manage suppliers and purchase orders.


Here’s some of the Reports you want to see in your point of sale system.
  • Daily-Reports
  • Taxes
  • Profits
  • Sales
  • Products
With InSoftOnline POS System you will be able to create daily,specific-period or monthly reports
and print them easily and quickly.

table system

Add QR Code on tables to order through customers’ phones

Point of sale management system for mobile phones

A program to improve store management by adding products and printing product labels using a device that facilitates this experience