A powerful business management solution such as a Point Of Sale system in Germany is important for any small business owner.

And you’ve probably heard of the term POS or point-of-sale somewhere before. So what are the benefits of a POS system? And does your small or medium business even need one?

Not to worry, we’re here to answer all these questions for you with our handy dandy list of reasons why your business needs a point of sale system!

With advanced POS software, you may also track your inventory, automatically create order lists, and know all there is to know about your customers and therefore, your business.

How does a Point Of Sale System work at a small business in Germany?

A POS system allows your business to accept payments from customers and keep track of sales. It sounds simple enough, but the setup can work in different ways, depending on whether you sell online, have a physical storefront, or both.

A point-of-sale system is used to refer to the cash register at a store. Today, modern Point Of Sale systems are entirely digital, which means you can check out a customer wherever you are. All you need is a POS app and an internet-enabled device, such as a tablet or phone.

A modern POS system does not only process sales transactions, it can also:

  • provide real-time data and reports
  • automate manual tasks
  • help you manage your inventory, employees, customers
  • and more!

This is all so you, the business owner, can make smart, data-driven business decisions to help increase your sales.

You need a good POS system – whether you run a retail store, a cafe, a restaurant, a food truck, or a vape shop.


Why Your Small Business in Germany Needs A POS (Point Of Sale) System

Sales History:

with a POS system, you can quickly look up past transactions and discover which products are stuck on the shelf for weeks as well as which products are selling the most. Which will make inventory management easier.

Inventory Management:

Inventory management can be time-consuming, expensive and for some, a digital form of nightmare. A lot of products may have multiple sizes, colors, flavors, and volumes, among other variations. Thanks to accurate sales and purchase order control, you will know how much you have in stock of each product. You may also categorize the products by name, brand, supplier, supplier code, SKU, color, and a multitude of other categorizations.

If that is not enough for you, you can perform inventory counts or coordinate online store collections to organize the product catalog and adjust your inventory.

Sales in Real-Time:

even when you are not in the store, you can access your back-office server remotely and know everything it is going on. We are talking about reports in real-time of Overall sales, profit after markup, sales attributed to each employee, and many more specifications. Many POS systems will allow you to customize those reports so you can see exactly what you need, from wherever you are, even when you are in the comfort of your home.

Saving Time and Money

POS systems are faster than manual cash registers. Everything from reading the product barcode to credit card transactions over the Internet will save you time, thus making the customer – and yourself, of course – happier.

This kind of software allows you to use add-on devices to help make things quicker and make the sale faster, such as electronic cash drawers, barcode scanners, credit card readers, and receipt or invoice printers. No more writing it down on a piece of paper or summing it up on the calculator. That is outdated!

Sales Tax and accounting made easy:

POS Systems will help you – some will do almost the entire work – on how to calculate your due sales tax based on the exact amount sold in your store.

POS Software will also come, in most cases, with integrated accounting modules, including general ledger, accounts payable, and receivable, among other features.

Management and ERP Systems Connectivity:

you can connect the POS terminals to other terminals and a back-office server. That way you can plug in your ERP system and manage everything: sales, inventory, orders, accounts payable and receivable, etc.

Workers’ familiarity with electronic devices:

nowadays, kids are born with electronic devices, so it is easier for them to get used to working with handheld devices, smartphones and computers, and their peripherals. You can forget the weeks or days of training that once were necessary to get them used to the software. Now, with a few hours of training, they will be more than ready to perform even the most advanced activities on it.

Everyone gets more information:

the customer, the cashier, and the management, all get more information about the sales. The cashier will know what they are registering, so it is easier and faster to run all items. Most importantly, the management will know what they are selling, for how much, and to whom.

The customer will also benefit from the POS Software as well, as he will know exactly what it is they are buying. They will get an invoice or a receipt with accurate and detailed information about the products he or they just bought.


Forget the customer waiting impatiently in queues that turn around the corner while the cashiers manually enter each purchase’s details. With a POS System, you will work much faster.

You will even have the possibility of using handheld and mobile devices as you please. With them, every corner of your store is accounted for and the customers do not have to go through that routine of going to the cashier if that is the way you want to work.