A portable point of sale system is one of the most important programs that you must use in your mobile business. Running your own small business or store is a process that requires a lot of different tools and processes. Whatever your business niche you will also need a platform on which you can manage sales. A point of sale system, or “POS”, is basically an environment in which you can handle a lot of financial and administrative work to run your business. Within your POS, you make sure you have enough inventory for your customers. You can also use POS software to track sales trends and handle transactions . Having an effective payments processing system goes a long way in making sure that you can continue to be successful as a business manager.

What to look for in a point of sale system

We cannot define a one-size-fits-all strategy for all types of businesses, as POS systems differ from one business to another, so our company, In Soft Online, provides the best solutions for your business by studying your needs. Are you looking for a portable point of sale system that you can take with you to festivals and pop-up stores? Or do your business needs center around traditional point-of-sale systems, such as the ability to monitor your inventory and track sales? Among the features that In Soft Online offers for your business:
  1. Comprehensive Inventory Management: Modern point of sale systems always include a lot of technology to keep track of inventory. You need features that show you how much of a particular item you have at any one time so you can avoid buying too much from your suppliers. You should also look for tools that help you identify the most popular products.
  2. Sales Tracking and Reporting: Sales tracking and reporting tools are another essential software option for your POS system. You need to be able to see what type of customers spend the most money with your company so you can adapt your sales and marketing strategies. It’s also important to keep track of things like purchases and returns, customer preferences, supplier information, and much more.
  3. Payment Processor Tools: Most POS systems will come with solutions for managing purchase orders, in-person payments, mobile payments, and more. You will need to think about the type of transactions you handle each day to ensure that your POS system is properly aligned with your business needs. Don’t forget things like Apple pay and Google pay if you’re looking at contactless transactions.
  4. Task automation: Some point of sale systems have software options that go beyond the ability to track inventory and help stores process payments. Modern POS can automate inventory and purchase reports, or automatically send receipts to a customer’s email address. Various automation features can make it much easier for you to run your business processes with minimum stress. You can even find POS systems that generate accounting and expense reports and send them to your accountant on your behalf.
  5. Rewards Programs: Many point-of-sale systems make it easy to strengthen relationships with your customers through things like point-of-purchase advertising and reward programs. The ability to track your most loyal customers means you can offer exclusive discounts and benefits to the people who spend the most money with your organization. This can lead to things like referral programs and brand advocacy at a later stage.
  6. Customer management: Aside from allowing you to receive payments in advance, or setting up customer tabs, your POS should also be equipped with features that help you manage and support your customers in other ways.
  7. Personnel Management: A POS system is about more than just making card payments. A point-of-sale system in a store or restaurant should also help you keep track of employees. You need a solution that allows you to add new team members to your tracking system, share schedules with employees, and even jobs to see who your best employees are.
  8. Our cash registers with TSE online: start by activating the TSE to be compliant with the tax authorities.
The following requirements apply to digital and electronic POS systems: Obligation to issue receipts cash register commitment Technical Security Device (TSE) This affects many restaurants and their records in Germany.

Portable Point of Sale System from In Soft Online

The application facilitates the process of managing products in the point of sale system and printing Labels, where the program is installed on a mobile device. The device features a printer and a barcode reader, which allows us to add or modify products easily and makes your use of the system an enjoyable and effective experience. The program connects to the POS system via IP if it is The system works within a local network and by e-mail in the case of Cloud POS. The program features an elegant and simple interface that is easy to use, where you can perform any operation with only several clicks, whether it is adding a product or printing a label.